Stop And Prevent Heart Attack In A Minute

One ingredient can help us stop this attack. Chili pepper cayenne.

The cayenne is great and it was examined a lot. Doctors and healers are fascinated even now. Some doctors even give it as prescription to those with heart issues. There is not enough evidence for this benefit but the ones that tried it as tea say it is wonderful.

This pepper is easily purchased and found.  There is great demand for this in every shop, health store, markets. Other kinds of pepper have the same SHU value like habanero, African bird, Thai Chi, Jamaican Hot pepper. If someone or you had problems with such attacks, have a tsp of this pepper in water glass. If someone passed out from this, a few drops of cayenne under the tongue is helping.

This pepper gives hemostatic effects that stop bleeding in excess and speeds the recovering after an attack. It improves heart work too.

A lot of cases say victims saved their lives with cayenne during the attack. The best recommended is the one from India and South America for such issues. Unlike other peppers, the cayenne is much stronger and has more capsaicin.

How to use it in attacks?

Wear safety gloves and take the pepper. 1-3 peppers and 50% alcohol are mixed in 1 liter bottle. Fill up ¼ of this bottle and add alcohol to cover it. Then reach 75% of the bottle. Again add alcohol and place in a dark spot for 2 weeks. For stronger mix let it sit 3 months before you strain it. Must be in dark place so it doesn’t spoil fast.

Those that have attacks are given 10 drops maximum of this mix. The same goes for the pepper tincture, given after 10 minutes. This cure is effective and improves the whole health. If the patient is still passed out put 3 drops under the tongue after 5 min.

We mentioned already, it cures many things. It is antifungal and also stops phompsis and colletotrichun. If you take it regularly, removes bad gasses and improves digestion.

Those that have lung cancer also benefit a lot. This pepper stops the tumors. This outcome was the same as those with liver cancer. Then again cayenne also helps with migraine, allergies, influenza, toothache, arthritis.

This pepper is the strongest natural cure for many things. Keeps the heart and body healthy. It has 26 nutrients like selenium, zinc, calcium, magnesium and also vitamins C and A.

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