What The Headache Reveals About The Health Issues

We all have felt headaches but there are tricks to relieve this. Eat a banana and drink a lot of water for removal of pain.

This is not always successful. Headaches come in various forms and also people get various diagnoses from the doctors.

Since there are various kinds, not every conventional curing is appropriate. It can be due to dehydration, fatigue but also a serious issue.

The neurologist, Dr. Sakib Qureshi MD says headaches are shown in red light signals of warning and we must differentiate between common and serious ones.

Do not reach for the pill right away, first check for another health issue.

There are 4 common headaches and they all link to the body overall. Learn better on them to treat them.

Leave the painkillers aside and try natural cures.

Sinus headache

If sinus is inflamed you might have a headache too. This is due to infection and can cause  cheek pressure, eye and forehead pain and fever.

Drink up fluids especially warm water to open the sinuses. Also eat a few oranges, vitamin C foods, lemon and green tea for the antioxidants and fighting infection. Also consider hot and cold press, warm soup with ginger too.

Tension headache

A really common one. Is gives head pressure, back of head and neck and temples too. Also, it makes pain below the eyes. You can vomit or feel dizzy too. This is due to stress that contracts the scalp muscles and neck.

Mix ginger tea and mint oil. Or add mint oil on the hairline for cooling and relaxing the head. Ginger tea also soothes pain and inflammation.

Cluster headache

This is usually over one eye and women mostly. It happens in cycle or group. It is sudden and causes sharp one eye pain. You might also have nasal congestion, runny nose and watery eye. It Is not defined, but it happens after a nerve path is active in the brain.

A cream with capsaicin cayenne helps a lot. Apply some to the nostril and block the pain nerves.


These happen between 25 and 55 years of age groups, but also out of these limits. Up to 38 million in USA have it.

It is more serious than a regular headache since it has neurological issues linked. It is an intense, awful pain on one side of the head. On 1/3 it happens on both sides. Other signs are nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, smell, sound, touch and numb face too. Goes from top of head, down.

Many migraine patients are helped with B12 vitamin, omega 3 fat acids and magnesium.

Eat enough of these to prevent such headaches. Also, a study from 2011 said aerobic prevents such headaches better than topiramate.

Also, workout more.

Source and image source: balancedlivinglife.com