11 Cures For Acne, DIY

If you never had acne, you are lucky indeed. But, if you had or still have these problems, it is a battle every day. Pimples and acne are ruining any look, a perfect night, good outfit and make up too!

Think of this: you get prepared for night out, you got a date, sexy clothes and suddenly you see an acne appeared! No make up covers as good as clear skin!

It happened to me as well, many times. You cannot do miracles. If you see it right away, you can make it more bearable. A lot of home remedies are cheap, easy to use and effective too. Read below:

Tea tree oil

The best essential oil for this use. You must have it at home all the time. It solves many health and skin issues especially. It is antibacterial and soothes the acne fast. For this remedy, get a cotton ball dipped In this oil. Dab on acne and after 20 min rinse with warm water. For sensitive skin, avoid this oil.

Honey and cinnamon

An amazing DIY great mask. It removes the acne and also nourishes the skin. You need: 2 tbsp honey, ½ tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp coconut oil. Mix everything and get a smooth shiny paste. Put it on the clean face and after 10 min gently remove it with wet or damp cloth. Do this once per week even if you have clear skin.

Honey and yogurt

Another amazing facial mask for every skin type. Just get 1 tbsp honey and a bit yogurt or milk. Put on clean face and after 10 min wipe gently off with cloth that is wet.

Strawberries and honey

Another potent honey use for the face, it is strange to stumble upon this mix, but really is amazing trust us! Strawberries have salicylic acid and are loaded with it, so they are great for combat with acne. This acid is the main item in a lot of expensive chemicals for cosmetics, just read labels if you want proof! Mash some strawberries (2-3) and add 2 tsp honey. Apply on clean face and after 20 min, rinse with warm water.


This fruit is loaded with vitamin C so it clears skin in every possible way. This lemon juice dries the acne and leaves the face smooth, tight and brightened after just a few days. Dip cotton in this juice and go over the skin area with acne before sleeping. In the morning you will be amazed.


Yet another citrus fruit for acne. But, you do not get the juice of this one. Use the PEELS. Get 2 orange peels and fresh clean water. First, rinse the face with water, put the peels in blender with a bit water to get them pasty. Or grind them and mash, whatever you choose. Put this mask on the face and after 20 min rinse it. This mask must be firm, not runny, but anyway it is good.


Yes, the paste for brushing teeth! But keep In mind do NOT use gel clear paste. Only white paste! Apple as a dot on every acne before you go to sleep, just dab it on them. After waking up, wash the face and see the acne smoothened out! During the day it can be used too for fast soothing before a night out. Leave it until dry or a bit longer and you are ready to go.

Baking soda

As you see all of our masks are healthy, natural and cheap. And easy to purchase and prepare too. Baking soda is the cheapest item here. Just get 1 tsp baking soda and a bit water or lemon juice instead and apply this paste on the skin area with acne. After 5 min rinse. Do not leave this on the skin too long since it can irritate and make the skin pinkish. Use warm water for rinsing.

Banana peel

We eat the fruit, and throw the banana peel of course. But this is wrong. We need the peel for acne removal! You should eat banana every day, and this is another reason to not throw the peels. Rub the peel, circularly on the skin and after that let it sit for 30 min, the liquid from the peels. Rinse and be stunned!


This sounds not so pleasant due to the smell, we know. But, acne vanishes with garlic in 2 days tops! Just get a fresh clove garlic, cut in half and rub on every acne area. After 5 min, use warm water to rinse.


The apple cider vinegar is magic for problematic skin. You must already have it in the kitchen of course. To make this facial mask, the ratio ACV and water is 1:3. Dip one cotton piece and put it on the acne. You can make this few times per day.

Source and image source: balancedlivinglife.com