8 Health Issues Linked To Bad Breath

At first we think, this is just a regular problem not a health one. It is normal after eating, sleeping or dentist repairs on the teeth. Usually, the cause is bad hygiene.

But, lately it was shown that bad breath can even signal more serious issues of the health. Notice them in time to stop and heal them.

These are linked to the bad breath:

Heart issues

It sounds scary but experts have found that a breath test can signal heart failure or its health. This test was with a study in 2013 in the Journal of American College of Cardiology. For this aim of the study, experts have gathered samples of breath from 41 people. Of them, 25 had diagnosis heart failure. The rest had other heart issues but not heart failure. With specific equipment technology these scientists identified which had which by just testing their breath.

Stomach cancer

Experts recommend routine checks and screenings regularly since we hide many signals inside and bad breath can even signal stomach cancer. A new equipment tests and analyzes breath to show the levels and amounts of some compounds that cause stomach cancer. To prove this, the experts took samples of breath from people that fasted deliberately for 12 hours. They all didn’t have a smoke for 3 hours prior the test. From 484 total participants, 20% or 99 from them had the stomach cancer diagnosis. They did not start the treatment yet though. These tests defined clearly the cancer stages and this is good since experts and doctors could pin point the high risks.

Lung cancer

This is another cancer type linked to the belly. Usually is diagnosed and recognized with ultrasound scans and x-rays, but with breath testing also. A 2013 study proved that breath can be linked to lungs and this is a much cheaper way. In this study were included 475 patients with their breath samples analyses. Results were that there was lung cancer even in non smokers! Experts did some mistakes in just 5 cases no more. From all 475 people, 252 had lung cancer and 223 lung issues and more minor problems. More than half were smokers, even 265.


The worst and most silent killer in the world. Also detectable by breath test and samples. The early diabetes sign is dry mouth and gum issues and diseases. Since the immunity is lower now, the body does not fight off every germ or bacteria that comes its way. That results in strange fruity sweet breath smell and this is a really clear diabetes sign for the early stages. That fruity smell is linked to ketoacidosis, common for diabetics.

Kidney failure

This is not the typical bad breath case. This is more like fish smell breath, either from too much seafood and fish or other internal reasons. The mouth even has an unpleasant urine smell, fishy or rotten, even like ammonia. This is clearly kidney problems and kidney failure. If you do not eat seafood or fish, but still have the fish breath, check the kidneys with the doctor. If they fail at their work all the toxins in the body do not get flushed outside. Kidneys have that job for the toxins since they work with the urine. If they are impaired or damaged, they sadly cannot work through the toxins to eliminate them from the blood. If the toxins stay in, they pileup in body parts and even go to the mouth.

Respiratory problems/infections

Sinusitis, flu, bronchitis and other issues cause bad breath also. If the respiratory tract is somewhat damaged or attacked, the bacteria cells and bacteria production is changed. Allergies also do this since they clog up the nasal paths. As a result, you breathe with the mouth only and this just gathers and traps inside bacteria.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease

Also known short as GERD and is an illness linked to bad breath. Acid reflux is also a digestive issue showing bad mouth odor. If you have either of these 2 means the food inside the belly has delayed digestion and even stopped digestion. If the food is not being processed or moved around inside, it decays in the stomach.

Sleep apnea

We know by now what is going on if we breathe through the mouth only. The sleep apnea is a situation where people breathe ONLY with their mouth. Of course, morning breath is normal for everyone and this is why dentists say we need brushing first thing in the morning. Sometimes if this persists, it is even more serious. Saliva making during the sleep makes more bacteria in the mouth. But, sleep disorders can have a bad impact for this too.

Source and image source: balancedlivinglife.com