Water On Empty Stomach Right After Waking Up In The Morning!

Japanese people have a great habit of having water to drink on empty stomach before eating and first thing in the morning. The benefits were proved by many studies. Water cures diseases and on an empty stomach it soothes and resolves pains, headaches, heart issues, arrhythmia, epilepsy, cholesterol, bronchitis, asthma, meningitis, kidney issues, gastritis too.

You need to do this:

Take 160 ml. water glass after you wake up, but postpone the food for the next 45 minutes. Then have breakfast, lunch, dinner and do not eat for 2 hours again. In case 4 glasses is too much for you, have 1 glass and slowly increase. This method resolves many health issues and gives you energy.

How many days to cure some health problem?

This optimally lasts 10 days for the gastritis and constipation, a month for hypertension and diabetes and 3 months for tuberculosis.

Start even today to have results faster.

Note: those with arthritis can try this for 3 days and make a break with 1 week, then continue. No side effects here, you just visit the bathroom often.

Source and image source: healthylifevision.com