Stop Swelling Of Ankles

If the lower limbs swell a lot or you notice similar signs like chest pain, cyanosis (bluish skin), fever, short breaths, seek medical help. Also if something is not right with the legs, like only one is swollen, also seek immediate help. It might be deep vein thrombosis. Some drugs and meds may cause this like meds for pressure, birth control, antidepressants.

It must be checked by a doctor no matter how lightly you take this. Also seek advise for edema resolving, since it might be that. It is edema if the puffy area is pitted after a pressure. It also can be liver, heart and kidney issue.

Here are some methods to help the legs swelling:


During this activity, the blood flow is better and faster and moves around, not just in the lower limbs. If you are in pain, try swimming instead. Regardless of pool, lake, beach, it is good anyway. Float between the laps to soothe the feet. In case you are yogi, do poses that make you lift the feet above the head. This improves immunity and digestion. Headstand is one good choice.

Raising the legs

If headstand is too hard to do, just lift the legs and place them on some platform. They must be above the heart height. Do it 3 times per day, with 30 min each. If you are In bed, put a pillow under the ankles. This repositions the excess fluid In the feet.

Stand up and move

If you sit for hours, just stand up and pace around. 10 min 3 times daily is enough.

For travelling, bring…

First, compression socks. They are specific and they tighten the legs so it prevents blood to rush to them. For long walks, flights, bus rides, wear them to prevent varicose veins. Also, they help with inflammation in the legs.

Healthy diets

Avoid salt every time! A bit is okay, but in excess it stores extra water in the body. Avoid coffee too. If you are obese, shed the pounds to relieve the muscles, joints, bones and remove their extra pressure.

No smoking

It is unhealthy as we already know. It is also hard to quit, we all know this. This increases the chances of more medical problems with the body in future.


It is easy to drink up those beer cans or other beverages, but water is not so appealing to us, right? Water flushes the toxins and hydrates us. With water we fight the coffee and salt that makes us swollen. If you had alcohol last night, you need even more water than recommended. Add lemon in it plus, to be refreshed and get antioxidants.


Ask someone to help you. Foot massaging gently, soothes the feet. Blood flow is better, and keep in mind not to press too much and move toward the heart

Epsom salt soak

A few cups of Epsom in the bath is a miracle for soaking. Also light candles, use essential oils and relax. Lemon, lavender, eucalyptus, mint are the best oils.

More magnesium

Swelling in the feet might also be magnesium deficit. 350 mg per day is a good dose, but still talk with the doctor first.

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