Remove Tartar Buildup At Home. It Takes A Few Seconds

Plaque is when formation turns to tartar and is due to bad brushing habits and no flossing.

If you noticed tartar on the teeth, they might have discoloration like brown and yellow or you might have bad breath.

The tartar is common with many people even million in the world and more. It is degenerative issue and if you do not remove it in time it can complicate even more and turn to periodontitis.

Some regular remedies deal with the tartar, but they also have side effects.

Be natural and try natural cures!

The natural versions remove the tartar with no side effects and make the teeth whiter and freshen the breath too. Try these:


Brush the teeth with salt then rinse with water. Color changes immediately and breath is fresher. Do this 2 times per week.

Sesame seed chewing

Buy sesame seeds and chew them but do not swallow. Use dry brush for the brushing. These seeds scrub the teeth real nice and remove the plaque.

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