Natural Cures For Easing Up Menopause

Irregular menstruation, heat in the body, itching genitals or feeling unpleasant during sex are common menopause signs. They are silent annoyances to the health and women can even get brain damage from this.

These are the advice to follow for easing up the signs:


Those heat waves women feel are called hot flush and 1-3 hours workout like walk or weight lifting really reduces the flashes. It also stops osteoporosis.

Chaste tree berry

In Europe there is  herb called chasteberry, it repairs the progesterone level and menopause signs. If you have diabetes talk with a doctor first for doses more than 400 IU vitamin E.


Some types of estrogen lessen the bad signs of menopause, it is called isoflavones. You can find them in soy milk, tofu and soy food. Consume 30-50 mg daily.

St/ John’s Wort and black cohosh

These are great for depression and insomnia too. It can be as tablet, capsule, tincture. Read the label for the dosage. It could cause skin rash, but rarely. When the two are combined, it is amazing.


This is uncertain but still worth a try. It might relieve menopause and insomnia too.

Red clover tea

You don’t have to take hormone therapy, instead have this tea. It has phytoestrogens that relieve the menopause.


As we said, estrogen is in soy food. This seed also has it. Mix it with 2 tbsp cereal before putting it In a grinder. If you have heavy periods, avoid this.

If you don’t like these advice, take vitamin E instead. And differentiate between black and blue cohosh.

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