Benefit Of Lemon Peel For Beauty And Health

The lemon is a famous citrus fruit, great for almost anything. The juice of it is added to a lot of meals, and sadly many people remove and throw the peel. You have no idea what a bad idea this is! Actually, the peel is the best part of the lemon.

The lemon zest of peels is great for dishes sweet and savory too. Also this is used for lemon pepper making which is great for fish and chicken meals. Also, lemon candies and ice cubes are made too.

For the house, lemon is used in many ways too:

  • Grease removing and cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Freshener for refrigerator
  • Deodorizer for bins
  • Kettle cleaner
  • Sanitizer for cutting board
  • Deodorizer for dishwasher
  • Firelighter
  • Metal cleaner

Also, for wellness, beauty and health lemon is number one.

  1. Less oxidative stress since the peel has bioflavonoids it removes toxins.
  2. Low cancer risk- it removes cancer risks in the body since it is antimicrobial and fights germs.
  3. Skin brightener- as scrub, this is perfect. The peel will give you radiant and healthy skin.
  4. Motion sickness- the smell of this fruit reduces nausea
  5. Nail whitener- damages nails due to polishes and gels are brightened with this.
  6. Age spots lightening- freckles and dark spots are removed with lemon. Apply the peel on this area and leave it for an hour. Avoid too much sun during this.
  7. Skin toner- apply the peel on the face and you have the best toner there is. Rub it gently and avoid the eyes skin. Then rinse.
  8. Anti acne- for teenagers, this is a huge problem. The lemon juice is astringent and cures acne and acne scars too.
  9. Foot soak bath- boil lemon peel and soak the feet with this and mix of almond milk or cow milk and olive oil. This gives them moisture and softens the thick heel skin.
  10. Soften up the elbow skin- lemon juice mixed with baking soda resolves the cracks in the hardened skin areas on the elbows. Put some soda on a lemon half. Then put the elbow in this half lemon and twist slowly. It is similar to juicing the lemon, that easy!

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