7 Plants That Have The Best Energy For An Office And Home Areas

Our home and room mirror the energy we have and receive. Experts on this topic say some plants are better for such energy and make us feel well and positive and others are not.

Remove negative energy with such good plants that attract positivity.

They are:


This plant attracts and reflects lust, protects, purifies and heals. It improves both the mood and memory. It is good to have it fresh at home and put a few springs in cloth bags to place in many corners in the home to have more loyalty energy.

Lucky bamboo

It was used thousands of years in Asia and it means prosperity and good fortune. Put it in a room corner with little light and no sunlight directly. It must be in glass bowl with 1 inch distilled water.


Known also as welfare plant and to have it fresh means more economy success. Also it suggests better communication.


It chases away depression and keeps emotions balanced. Sprinkle some on the pillow to sleep better. Also it means happiness and harmony by bringing serenity, fidelity and devoted relationships.


Attracts good energy and in the home too. Also it makes good energy for the homeowners. These flowers last long and can be in many sizes and shapes, their smell is pleasant and sweet and improves mood too. At night, this plant makes more oxygen in the room so keep it in the bedroom.


This attracts money and love in the house. The oil Is also used as aphrodisiac. It is best to have it in the bedroom since there the couple spends more time together, and this will attract good energy for romance and relationships.

Aloe Vera

Against bad energy and bad vibes, this is the best. It attracts success and good energy anywhere where is put. A lot of people think when the aloe grows it gathers more positive energy in the process. If it fades and is not healthy it means it absorbed bad energy and protected us in this way.

Source and image source: lifehealthandfood.com