Stop Bleeding On Some Body Parts

In case you had an injury, you can wait for the doctor to see you. But you can also help yourself and stop bleeding by yourself. These are the pressure points and they are mostly around arteries ad veins so when you pinch press them, blood starts to clot.

Where to pinch?

Stop and slow down the blood flow for injuries on these body parts:

  1. Neck and head- this is serious. These parts can bleed more than other parts since a lot of blood passes there. Even a small wound on this can make you lose blood. Press the: above temples area, below jaw, on the neck, top of shoulders. Put pressure on the same head side as the wound. And do not pinch the two sides at once.
  2. Arms and hands- these happen a lot. Press right above the wounds, but if the pain is too strong try not to. Press these: under biceps, on top of elbow soft part, under the wrist on the side. Press as near as possible to the wound. Work up as you move. When you feel pulse, it is a good sign.
  3. Thighs, feet, legs- these can bleed a lot too since many big veins and arteries are there. If the thigh is bleeding, press right or left where the leg and groin meet next the abdomen. Lower leg and feet wounds are resolved with pressing these: thick area behind knee, front ankles, back ankles.

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