What Makes Hands And Wrists Hurt And Is There A Cure

These pains are normal for those that work as computer workers or desk workers. It is normal for both men and women. Also women are maybe more prone to it due to degenerative issues with age. The cause can be lack of calcium, hormone changes, cartilage issues, bone and joint problems too. Also, genes.

It depends on the severity, but signs are simple like swellings, numbness, weakness too. Also if it gets worse, we cannot move the hands at all.

Our hands have 19 bones, 17 joints and 19 muscles that all are for the functions of the hand. If one fails, everything fails.

The reasons why our hands might hurt:

  1. Thumb arthritis: bones are inflamed.
  2. Carpal tunnel syndrome: this is tingly and numb feeling on the fingers at night. Normal for desk workers and also gamers.
  3. Ganglion cyst: this is like a soft lump in the joints. Also it can be on hands and feet too. It is formed due to tissue around the joints.
  4. Trigger finger: it is painful a lot and comes from bended finger that cannot be straight up. This is due to tendon problems.
  5. Wrist tendinitis: the tendons in the wrist are simply inflamed. It is painful and the insides of the arm vibrate up to the shoulder.

Cures: if something like this happens, see a doctor. Still, include these in the diet; linseed oil, omega 3, vitamin B6, cherries.

Source and image source: 1mhealthtips.com