Make Vitamin C Toner, At Home!

Remove scars of acne, blackheads and have smooth soft skin that glows. This recipe is simple to do. It resolves uneven, damaged skin due to sun and other factors. It is cheap and effective! No more waiting for weeks to do this. Results are immediate!

This vitamin is great for removing aging signs off the skin and also removing blackheads, blemishes, acne scars, and whiteheads. It also makes more collagen in the body. It is found in many cosmetics but there is one thing; when exposed to air, oxidizes fast and cannot last really long in creams, toners, and serums. Vitamin C does not last long in these, sadly! The label is just for commercial, not true!

Because this vitamin is not stable, cosmetics companies removed it from the products. The put vitamin A instead and E too. These are expensive but not as much effective as the C.  some manufacturers tried to include the C in different forms, but it is better to try and do this yourself at home. You have more control, more efficient cures and you can mix in different ways.

Remember, you have to adjust the skin to this vitamin. After all, it is acidic and too much in the cosmetics can make you irritated. Do not worry, the skin adjusts fast.

This recipe is great if you use this vitamin for the first time. The potency then is 5%. With time it increases to 10, 15, 20%. Each level should be at least 3 weeks, before you go further. At first it might sting a bit, if so, go lower, and then continue again. If you reach the 20%, this is great, stay this way.

For the recipe, you need:

  • Green tea
  • 100 % vitamin C powder
  • Distilled water
  • Mixing bowl
  • Measure spoon
  • Cotton ball
  • Dark glass bottle


Fill up the cup with the water and put in the microwave. Wait 1:30 minutes. Put the green tea bag in the hot water and wait 4 minutes. When cool, add the vitamin C powder. For potency of 5%, blend 9 tsps green tea and ½ tsp vitamin C powder. Stir and dissolve nicely.

For a level up, do these:

10% potency- 9 tsp green tea and 1 tsp vitamin C

15%- 8 and ½ tsp green tea and 1 and ½ tsp vitamin C

20%- 8 tsp green tea and 2 tsp vitamin C

Put the vitamin C in air tight, or dark glass bottle to prevent damage from light. This toner lasts 7 days. Put in dark cabinet too.

For applying, get the cotton ball and dab it. Put on the skin that is sun exposed like neck, shoulders, face, arms. Also, put this toner in atomizer and spray all over the body. Leave for 20 min and then do not rinse, unless you want to.

The green tea soothes inflamed skin, sun damages and acne scars. If you cannot find it or it costs too much, skip this and use the water only. If this toner bores you, make a serum. Add glycerin and that is it! Just blend 1 tsp glycerin and 1 tsp water.

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