If The Face Is Covered With Various Things, It Says A Lot About The Health Of The Liver, Kidneys And Hormones

The clear skin means the body is healthy inside and out. So any skin issues are serious indicators for the inside health. This is called face mapping and is telling us much about the health overall.

The face mapping is basics of the Ayurveda and Chinese methods and links the skin to many issues. This is a natural good diagnose for health problems.

Forehead- links gallbladder and liver. This shows the nervous system work and digestion too. Avoid sugars and fatty foods and processed food too. Eat fibers, veggies, fruits for better digesting. Also do stress reliefs like yoga, meditation, visualization, music listening, workouts. Drink dandelion tea and lemon juice with hot water.

Left side of middle between eyebrows- storing emotions and spleen issues

This means many emotions are pressed and stored in the spleen. Try proper breathing, meditation, yoga, walks, reiki, counseling.

Right side of the middle between eyebrows- stored emotions in liver. Wrinkles or skin issues show anger and bad emotions piling up. Again, do reiki, yoga, writing, counseling…

And avoid fatty foods, alcohol…

Eyes- links intestines, thyroid and joints. Spotty iris is the sign here. It means there is bad nutritious absorption inside. Too much white in the iris means joint issues and small irises is other joint complications. This is due to a lot of sugars and salt.

Start eating anti-inflammation foods (fish, walnuts, bone broth, ginger, turmeric, linseed, flaxseed). Reduce alcohol, sugars, processed food, caffeine, salt.

Underneath eyes- links the kidneys. If the kidneys work slower this will show with puffy eyelids underneath. Even dark circles under the eyes.

Drink A LOT of water and try to reduce stress. Sleep well and avid alcohol, coffee and other energy drinks.

Cheeks- links lungs, metabolism and malabsorption.  If you have pigmentation on the cheeks this is the issue.  Also lung work shows in this way. Try good breathing and workouts for oxygen capacity in the lungs. Also, chew food well enough. Antioxidant foods and green tea also help a lot and keep the skin from damage too.

Nose- links cardio system. Palish lips means you might have anemia. The lower lip shows intestine work and any brown spots mean you have bad digestion or not enough enzymes. Also it can be worm overgrowth and parasites.

Eat foods with a lot of iron ( red meats, legumes, green veggies and leafy veggies) and also take probiotic.

Tongue – links lungs and toxins. The tongue surface when seen in the morning, shows such signs. There might be abrasion on it and this is bad lung work. In the middle and back it gets more piled up and this means intestine toxins.

Do detoxing and eat healthy foods (homemade juices, raw food, etc.) also try breathing methods and meditation and even cardio!

Chin- links stress and hormones. Women get this mostly before periods but also due to stress and hormone issues.

Avoid store bought chemicals for the skin and try maca powder instead.  Also, less stress and enough sleep!

Source and image source: healthyfoodresources.com