The Best 10 Foods And Rankings For Fiber

Usually, we all lack fibers in the diet among other nutrients. An average adult female of 50 years of age must eat 25 g fiber, and a male adult 38 g fiber per day.

You must have enough fiber since it digests the food better and keeps the digestive tract healthy active. Fiber deficit is serious issue; causes hemorrhoids, constipation, bad cholesterol and blood sugar too.

The best fiber foods:

  1. Corn and bran types- 76 g corn has 240% fiber daily best dose. Other bran types like rice bran, wheat bran have 1% less. Then there is oat bran with 58% fiber RDA.
  2. Cauliflower- one cup of this has 2 g fiber, and cooked it has 3 g. broccoli also has fibers, in one cup you get 2.4 g fiber and cooked it has 5 g.
  3. Pear- medium pear has 5.5 g fiber
  4. Strawberry- one cup of these strawberries has 3 g fiber. It also has no calories so is great for a diet.
  5. Cabbage- cooked it has 4 g in a cup, like the red cabbage too. The regular type has 12% fiber RDA and the Chinese cabbage 8%.
  6. Avocado- one cup has 10 g fiber. It also has many carbs, but healthy ones.
  7. Apples- they have 4.4 g in a medium apple and 2.4 % RDA
  8. Bananas- loaded with potassium, they also have fibers up to 2.6% RDA
  9. Carrots- they fight the cancer and have 3.4 g in a cup with almost none calories.
  10. Beets- this veggie has 2.8% RDA fibers and also copper, iron, folate, manganese and potassium.

If you cannot eat these fiber foods, try at least to replace them with other foods. A cup black beans is better than cup mashed potatoes with 15 g fiber compared to the poorly 3.1 g fiber in the potatoes.

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