The Coconut Water When Consumed For 2 Weeks Changes You Completely

The coconut oil is the best and most known thing lately. It is one of the healthiest oils. But there are other good things of coconut. There is the water too. It is natural and really healthy, and if you take it for 2 weeks, you will benefit in this way:


Stop with the sodas and sweet juices, have this water has more electrolytes, minerals (sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium). It is also ecological and a good replacement for regular water.

Brain and muscles

One cup of it has 295 mg potassium and means it is better than a banana. The potassium is the crucial mineral for the heart and muscles. It is like electrolyte and improves the nerves work too.

No speedy aging

It has cytokinins which are plant hormones and slow down aging.

Good digestion

After 2 weeks of this water, there will be no more dysentery, constipation, flu or parasites. Its enzymes make you absorb food better and digest easier.

Better immunity

Avoid having illnesses and improve immunity with this. There is lauric acid in it, a fatty acid that is antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial. It fights the candida, hepatitis C and herpes. People with hypertension and cholesterol can benefit of this. Also, those that eat too much salt, must have this water. It lowers the bad cholesterol and the triglyceride. Make it a routine!

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