Why Is Good To Eat Black Currant?

This fruit is great in the summer. They all small dark berries and have purple hue. Which means, they are loaded with antioxidants.  They have sharp taste and can be mixed with other fruit too. Also, they are made into jellies and jams.

Some native areas in Asia and Europe have them in markets in seasons only. They can also be pink, red or white even. But, the black ones are the best.

Mix with other fruit and put them in oatmeal or yogurt.

Here are some ideas and benefits:

  1. No wrinkles- serving of 100 g is more than 300% vitamin C for the day. This means the skin is nurtured and healthy, so it ages slower.
  2. Strong immunity- the vitamin C makes immunity better and shields off those bad bacteria and fungi, viruses also.
  3. Good eyesight- there is also vitamin A in these berries. This makes the skin good too not just the eyes.
  4. Less heart problems- this is antioxidant fruit which means less heart issues. It keeps cholesterol and pressure under control and prevents strokes and attacks.
  5. Cancer free- it fights the free radicals and stops cancer to grow.
  6. No inflammation- inflamed internal tissues are harder to cure. This fruit resolves this. It even prevents cancer and diabetes too.
  7. Losing weight- it helps in slimming due to vitamin B content and also water and fibers. Snack them and avoid cravings.

Source and image source: healthdigezt.com