Best Cures For Restless Legs

People that have a hard time sleeping due to this must read this article. This is a syndrome and means even if you lie on the bed the legs move around. RLS includes jerking of the legs with a wiggling feeling under the skin. This also leads to anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

How to stop it?

The syndrome is still a mystery but, here are some potential cures:

  1. Change in diet- if you crave alcohol before sleeping, limit or stop this. Also, no coffee.
  2. Hot bath- prepare a hot bath before sleeping. Soak for 10 minutes at least.
  3. Chill the legs- if you are not patient for baths, just chill the legs and rub them with cold packs.
  4. Mix hot and cold- dip the legs in warm water and then put the ice pack after that.
  5. Workout- moderate workouts help a lot. Also this improves the whole health. Walk at least half an hour and avoid workout before sleeping. Also, stretch.
  6. Vitamins- RLS can be due to deficit in vitamins. Take folic acid; the vitamins inside help the red blood cells and oxygenizing the body. Take iron; muscles will benefit a lot of this, so eat kidney beans, beef, dark veggies and liver. Take magnesium; this makes the legs twitch or cramp less.

Also, avoid being sedentary and try our advices.


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