8 Solutions For Home Free Of Bugs

We will never want to see or live with insects or rodents near us. During the summer, this is a common problem. Would be perfect if we can just remove these pests and put them outside, but how to prevent their presence?

The bug free home solutions:

  1. Mint- take a few leaves of the garden or buy them. Crush them and sprinkle this in the house. Bugs hate this smell. Also, put some in the baby’s bed. Or take some leaves and dry them, then place it in the closet in a packet. The clothes will also smell good.
  2. Rosemary, lavender and eucalyptus- these oils can be added to water, a few drops only and put in a spray bottle. Spray near bugs or other places.
  3. Mint oil- all bugs and especially spiders hate this smell. Mix it with water and spray.
  4. Baking soda- this kills the insects. Spread around the house or sprinkle in cracks. This item gets moisture off the body of the insect. Then vacuum after a few days.
  5. Vinegar- just like the oils, mix with water and spray off.  The smell is not pleasant but it does not linger a long time.
  6. Cayenne pepper- sprinkle this in the corners and insect areas.
  7. Vacuum- with this the house is cleaner and also bugs won’t feel attracted as much to invade the house corners.


Source and image source: healthyfoodstar.com