A 5 Day Diet That Stops Diabetes, Cancer And Heart Problems

There are many diets out there for fast losing weight. But this one is about health too. It is easy and really good. It reduces the risk of the mentioned issues.

Fast mimicking dieting

This 5 day regime is known as fast mimicking and as the name says it imitates fasting so follow it strictly. FMD made a research team of the South California University. They think this diet is great for the long life, slow aging, and boosted immunity.

How to do it?

  • During the 5 days stick to the rules, after that relax.
  • Day 1- 10% protein, 34% carbs, 56% fat. 1090 calories.
  • Days 2-5- 44% fat, 47% carbs, 9% protein. 725 calories.

As you see, it counts the calories. Also, eat veggie soups and chamomile tea. FM diet is good for anyone. After those 5 days, in the next 25 days you eat whatever you want.

Is it working?

Experts who made the diet say it is effective. It can be hard to maintain the rules but is worth it. People with diabetes, heart issues, cancer can benefit from it.

The diet will reduce calories from 34 to 54% of the normal calorie amount.

Also, you need proteins included, carbs and fat all the time. 38 people made this diet test and there were people who never had this diet. Those with FM diet decreased their IGF-1 hormone for aging.

There is still more research to follow. You will not starve and still have good results.

Source and image source: stethnews.com