Put This On The Hands And See How Wrinkles Are Gone After 15 Minutes

We use the hands for many tasks and they need to be taken care of. They age the fastest since their skin is thinner and we wash them all the time. They have no fat tissue and collagen reduction is more seen there. Also add chemical damage over the years.

Here are some natural remedies:

  1. Eggs- this improves elasticity on the skin. Mix 1 egg white and honey 1 tbsp. after it is dry, wash off with soap.
  2. Potato- bake one potato and make it in puree. Add 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp honey and milk a bit. Refrigerate and apply few times per week. Rinse and wash after it.
  3. Rosehip oil- this oil makes the skin elastic and firm. Massage daily.
  4. For ark spots, lemon and sugar- get ½ lemon juice and add 2 tsp sugar. Exfoliate with this and wash.
  5. For hydration, almond oil- soak the hands in cool water and after 5 min dry them. Then put almond oil cream. Get cotton gloves and sleep with them.
  6. Petroleum jelly- this will hydrate the skin and make it elastic.

What must be avoided?

To have healthy and smooth, young hands do not bite the nails or the surrounding skin. Also do not wash with hot water or strong chemicals. And in the winter, you MUST wear gloves and cream underneath.

Source and image source: healthylifevision.com