Make A Ginger Press Wrapping For Rheumatism And Muscle Pain

This is a simple ginger cure, DIY and effective too. A traditional recipe medicine for resolving pain of osteoarthritis. The ginger press requires just sea salt and garlic! But, never use it for open wounds.

Ginger is known as a great natural cure for many issues, cold and flu being the most frequent and also migraines and inflammation.

It also removes pain and this was known even in ancient history times. It was used for inflammation in traditional healing in China, also for arthritis, menstruation cramps, headaches and sore muscles. And, it is like this with most herbs, science approves ginger to be miraculous but recently.

Now, ginger is considered to be a real pain killer cure. A study from 2012 with human participants proved it to be great for curing arthritis and almost the same as diclofenac only much healthier and safer.

This is how you make the ginger press:

This ginger press is effective and easy to do. It resolves osteoarthritis, rheumatism, swelling in veins, muscle pain, back ache, sprains. You just need ginger, sea salt and garlic. It will make the skin feel burning at first, but that means the cure is working.

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For great pain, leave the press on the skin until this burning is gone.

It can be used on children too, but shortly and briefly.

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Take the ginger roots, 4 cloves garlic and 2 tsp salt. Put the ginger in mortar and grind it. Pound the ginger and peel the garlic. Then add the garlic and salt to the ginger. Pound again. Take a plastic film, one sheet. Put the scoop of the mix on it. Lay this on the painful area.  Put plaster or something to secure this and wrap it. Leave it at least 6 hours to sit that way. NOT for open wounds.

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