Do Not Pluck Nose Hair. This Is Why!

Modern lives made us think in various ways about hygiene and beauty. We all follow some rules and do even crazy things to achieve beauty. But, science says that some regimes for beauty are harmful and even cause diseases. One is nose hair..

One such thing is waxing. Men and women both remove hairs with wax, which is painful. Legs, arms and the whole body sometimes.

Nose Hair

But, experts say this is no good! Hair removal is harmful and can cause infections, disease, inflammation, parasites or death even. The skin has many nerves that can easily damage. Nose hair removal is especially tricky. It damages the nose skin on the inside and also the hair place, now empty, is filled with blood that can contain fungi, parasites and bacteria.

There is an amoeba in the follicles of hair that grows fast and also can get to our brain. It removes and destroys nerves and tissues and can complicate the health furthermore. Try using scissors for trimming to avoid internal health problems.

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