What The Body Shape Tells Us About Our Health

A lot of health problems are shown on the body itself. We do not notice this most of the time or if we do, we think is something unimportant. Such symptoms are waist size changes, length of arms and legs and proportion. These are not symptoms but more like signs that can tell a lot for the health.

Now we’re going to explain these signs and what they mean.

Finger length

For women, if the index finger is shorter than the ring finger they have risks of more osteoarthritis with old age. Men have these fingers the same size usually. To prevent this, do workouts and take calcium.

Bra size

In the Canadian Journal of Medical Association was said that D bra cups in the twenties have risk of diabetes 2 compared to small breast women. Also, fat tissue in the breasts is reacting to hormones and resistance to insulin. Diabetes can be prevented if you have a healthy weight, good diet and workouts.

Leg length

British experts explained this. Those with short legs have more gentle liver. Women with legs 50-73 cm have more liver enzymes and disorders. Reduce the alcohol when you can.

Source and image source: supertastyrecipes.com