The Sleep Position And Impact On The Health

What is your favorite position for sleeping?

This is a tricky topic. How much sleep is enough? Is it better the back or the belly? What makes you snore?

Luckily, Huffington Post made an info graphic with all pros and cons. See it below!

  1. On the back- this is also known as starfish pose and is good for the back. Makes you have less wrinkles, saggy breasts or acid reflux. But, it is not great for the head since you will snore more.
  2. On the side- this makes you snore less and improves blood flow. Still, it makes stress more prone on the hips and shoulders and can cause even pain in the hips. The body is bent and you can wrinkle and sag more.
  3. Face down- this also makes you snore less. Here the head is on one side only and it is good. But since the spine is bent you might wake up stiff in the neck. The body weight also impacts the stiffness here. Wrinkles and sagging is increased due to the middle body parts being pressed.

Supplementing in pillows

Leave the poses aside, you can sleep better with the right pillow. Those that sleep on the back might want to put a small pillow under the spine arch, those on the side a pillow between knees, and those on the belly a pillow under the hip. This supports joints and relaxes you more.

Everyone has different sleeping preferences. Just make sure you fall asleep in time and as much hours as it is recommended.

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