Science Proved That Turmeric Is Way Much Better Than Drugs! Even Better Than 14 Of Them!

The turmeric is the most popular spice and plant lately. It is used for medicine often, due to the curcuma, and it was a subject of more than 5600 studies in biomedicine.

Actually, during a 5 year long research was stated that this plant had more than 600 benefits for the health and therapy uses and also 175 benefits for mental health. The whole database consists of 1,585 turmeric health facts that can be found as PDF at Downloadable Turmeric Document site.

Attention focused on turmeric

Since this plant was not examined in every little detail, or examined a lot often.. There are more and more studies on this matter every day. It is even better than regular meds prescribed by doctors, like:


For cholesterol. Ina study of 2008, in the Journal Drugs in R&D was found that regular curcuma preparation is much better than this medicine for endothelial issues, the pathology of blood cells that lead to atherosclerosis, linked also to inflammation and oxidation stress in diabetes 2.


A study of 1999 in the journal Phytotherapy Research was found that the polyphenol in turmeric, the curcuma, helps more for chronic anterior uveltis or inflamed eye. In 2008 publication, in Critical Care Medicine was said that the curcuma compared to the dexamethasone in animal studies is better at lung transplant curing from inflammatory genes. In 2003, Cancer Letters also was compared to dexamethasone in lung-ischaemia-repurfusion injuries.


For depression. In 2011 in the journal Poloniae Pharmaceutica was told that curcuma compared to these drugs reduces depression in animal testings.


Thinner of blood. An in vitro and ex vivo study of 1986 stated in the journal Arzneimittelforschung that the curcuma has anti-platelet and prostacyclin effects. And is better for vascular thrombosis and anti-arthritis therapy.

Anti inflammation drugs

In 2004 study in the journal Oncogene was told that curcuma was better than aspirin, sulindac, ibuprofen, phenylbutazone, naproxen, diclofenac, indomethacin, dexamethasone, tamoxifen and celecoxib for treating inflammation in tumor cells.


Chemotherapy. In 2007 study for the journal of Cancer was told that curcuma is better than this medicine as antipriliferative agent.


For diabetes. In 2009 in the journal Biochemistry and Biophysical research Community was told how curcuma cures diabetes, activates AMPK or increasing glucose uptake and stops gluconeogenic gens in hepatomic cells. So, curcuma was 500 times or 100,000 times better than metformin.

Turmeric as cancer treating agent:

Turmeric is also great for experiments in the field of cancer and drugs for cancer. There are two parts of our site for this topic, natural and integrative therapy. There are many ways to show effect of such agents and you can see on these lists:

  • Cancers: Drug resistant
  • Cancers: Multi-drug Resistant

There are even 54 studies that say curcuma makes sick cells die or react with regular meds.

There are also 27 studies on curcuma’s ability to make those cells die in relation to multi-drug resistant cancer with meds.

Now you see the many powers of curcuma in medicine, and it is not just used in food and cooking. Of course, It was used for many centuries back for treating cancer too.

Also, opt for organic turmeric for cooking in small amount only. To prevent meds or big amount of curcuma later when a disease attacks.  Be healthy with food and natural items, instead of meds.

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