Groundbreaking – No More Dental Implants. Grow Out The Teeth In 9 Weeks!

Dental implants are really handy when it comes to teeth issues, modern technologies made this easier if you have to fill a gap in the mouth.

But this story is amazing.

You need to know that: experts group made a great discovery on this field about dental implants that is better than the implants themselves. They claim we can grow our teeth all over!

This discovery was made by Dr. Jeremy Mao, Columbia University, main investigator of this study. Mao made a scaffold for the teeth with stem cells of the body. This is teeth regeneration with just our DNA!

No more pain and also waiting. This method makes you grow your own teeth bones in weeks only. The device is placed and in 9 weeks there are results.

Dr. Mao also said that the missing tooth is filled with stem cells. And the tooth starts to grow. Simple really!

Still, this is not yet available to us. It has to be studied more in details and also approved by medical experts. In these few decades we have seen miracles in the dental industry that give you a tooth looking just as your natural tooth. For this, we will have to wait and see.

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