Spray An Oil And Remove Mold

Today you will read about a method that is easy to do and removes mold and odor off the washing machines. It has tea tree oil that comes from Australia and it was used for everything by the Aborigines. They healed wounds with it and even soothed the skin. Tea tree doesn’t grow in other world parts.

Almost century ago the Australian experts have claimed that it is stronger antiseptic by 100 times than the carbolic acid, the best known germicide. This oil cures respiratory issues, asthma, runny nose, rash, burns, infections, dandruff, even bacteria and mold.

This is how you remove the home mold in the house:

You need:

  • Tea tree oil
  • A cloth


Mix the tea tree oil in water, 2 cups. Pour this mix in a bottle for spraying. Spray it everywhere you see mold in the house corners and then wipe with the cloth. Results are amazing!

Source and image source: healthylifevision.com