Remove Sinus Infection In 20 Seconds With A Kitchen Ingredient

In case you have troubles with the sinus and want natural remedies and not meds, try with AC vinegar. This infection occurs due to inflammation and viruses in the membrane inside.

Some symptoms are:

  • Headaches
  • Discomfort and pain
  • Congestion and fever

The acv is wonderful since it has minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fibers too. It boosts immunity and for the recipe you will need:

  • Water ½ cup
  • ACV ¼ cup
  • Honey 1 tbsp
  • Cayenne pepper 1 tbsp
  • Lemon juice


Boil the water and set aside in a mug. Add the ACV and cook at medium heat. Then add the pepper and honey. Lastly, add the lemon and stir. Drink this at mornings and nights until sinus issue is resolved.

Note: to keep all healthy nutrients inside from the honey and ACV, keep this at room temperature, or slightly cool.

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