A Recent Study Proved Coconut Oil Toothpaste To Be Better Than A Regular Paste

This notorious oil has become a praising thing after it was shunned for a long time. It was thought to be an unhealthy saturated fat, bad for the health and hypertension, but now is considered the best oil there is.

The coconut oil is one of those foods that is a super food. It contains fatty acids that are healthy. Also, helps you with weight loss and other things.

Not just for cooking or health, but this oil is amazing for the oral health. Experts claimed this oil is even better than regular toothpaste!

One spoon of this oil is enough to replace toothpaste and gives more hygiene than it too.

Why is it better? First, coconut stops cavities and tooth decay better than mouthwash with fluoride. Then, there are no side effects since it is natural and has no chemicals.

Also, it is removing common bacteria inside the mouth and some strains like candida albicans.

This was tested in natural environment with enzymes similar to digestion processes. These oils were experimented with against streptococcus bacteria that is inside the mouth.

This enzyme altered coconut oil inhibits growing of this bacteria including the streptococcus mutans, acid source bacteria that damages teeth.

If you still don’t get this, keep in mind that coconut is used for a longer time to brush the teeth. Also it is in many cosmetics, cures, hair care, first aid kits, cooking recipes and more.

The experiment advises to use one full spoon of this oil to brush the teeth. It is called oil pulling and means you just swish the coconut in the mouth until it is melted. It takes up to 30 minutes and then you spit it out. Do not swallow! Otherwise you just bring back all the residue of the food inside.

Source and image source: holisticlivingtips.com