1 Trick With Oil To Remove Plaque, Bad Breath And Stains

Have you heard of oil pulling? It is an ancient cure of Ayurveda that improves health in the mouth and overall detox in the body. Means using organic oils to remove fungi, bacteria and other unwanted organisms inside the mouth, gums, throat and teeth.

How it is done? With sesame or coconut oil. Take one and swish in the mouth briefly. Do it daily to improve oral hygiene. This detox is safe and healthy, it keeps gums safe and soothed and removes plaque.

This method is amazing. On the internet there are many people who claim it to be great.

Here are the 10 benefits of oil pulling:

  1. Less bad breath– the halitosis is a common issue and is caused by chemicals and gasses inside the body and bacteria in the mouth. You can resolve this by removing that bacteria with oil pulling. In one study involving 20 teenagers, this method resolved this problem for them better than store bought products.
  2. Less gums and mouth diseases– these are gingivitis, blood from gums and cavities. Inflamed gums are gingivitis and that means the immunity Is lowered so the bacteria is around the gums making plaque. Since coconut is anti inflammatory, this will be cured.
  3. Treating TMJ and sore jaw– make the jaw stronger with this method and soothe any soreness there is. First the jaw will feel irritated but after a while you will get used to this method/
  4. Whiter teeth– stop using chemicals for whitening and use oil instead. The regular strips have tar, fluoride, bleach, aluminum and benzene and are awful. Oil whitens teeth naturally and faster. Also the gums will be pinker and healthier.
  5. Good skin– toxin removal also impacts the skin. Those who tried this method reported healthier skin after 2 weeks of use. It resolves eczema, acne, dermatitis and psoriasis.
  6. Less migraines and headaches– too many toxins make this problem. We all think headaches are due to wide or tight blood vessels and migraines are due to constricted vessels. That is true but it is also due to the toxic residue in the nervous system as well. With oil methods you remove those bacteria and toxins and solve this issue.
  7. General body detox– this can be done with oil of course; removal of viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi in the mouth and the whole body. Those toxins make many problems. When the immunity is under stress and we have a bad diet, these microbes and organisms live in the mouth and organs and spread. As a result there is bacteria, illnesses and inflammation. Detox the body with oil pulling.
  8. Healthy liver and kidney– with toxin removal you also put less impact on the liver and kidneys and make these organs healthier.
  9. Hormone balance– this way is great for hormone imbalance or PMS issues and signs. If immunity is improved with this method, your hormones are better too.
  10. Less asthma and congestion problems– many cases reported show how this method helped in these issues and even in bronchitis too. These are due to some body inflammation.

How is oil pulling done?

In tradition, usually sesame oil is used more and this was in the past, now the virgin coconut oil is used more since it is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory.

At room temperatures this coconut oil is the best and at home you will have to warm it up a bit. Not too hot though, to keep all nutrients in. or put it unmelt in the mouth and swish until it melts.

It is best to do this in the mornings and after you drink the morning lemon water.

Here is how it is done:

Take 1-2 spoons of the oil and put in the mouth. Before the next step, let it melt. Then swish for 20 minutes to kill all bacteria and plaque and to regenerate saliva glands. Then spit it out, but not in the drain! Ti stop clogging, spit it in the can. And do not swallow it unless you want the toxins back in the belly.

Then, rinse the mouth with warm water and brush the teeth. Use fluoride-free paste.

Source and image source: non-stophealthy.com