No Silicones – 6 Plants Will Make Your Breasts Bigger

A lot of women want bigger cleavage and opt for silicones and surgeries.  But sometimes the cure for this is in the nature.

These 6 plants we will mention to you can actually change the bra size.

Fenugreek– this is the best one maybe. It is a Greek seed and just place it in water for the night. The next day, massage the breasts with the water , so purchase it in local health stores right away.

Anis– a Chinese herb that promotes bigger cleavage too.

Funnel– it has phytoestrogens and also promote more milk in mothers. This plant also has di anethole, photo anethole and anethole and all these make more estrogen in the body. Also, they reduce colic in newborns.

Licorice– this plant is the same as fennel more or less.

Pueraria mirifica– a herb from Thailand used for aging cosmetics. Also it is in cosmetics and pills for breast enlargement.

Greater burdock– having this means better and more blood flow to the breasts and all reproductive organs.


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