Mix Lemon Juice And 1 tbsp Olive Oil. Amazing Mix!

Are you often tired all the time? Try this cure. Mix of lemon and olive oil for removal of toxins.

Experts say that this mix was used centuries back for many health issues. This mix is amazing for the whole body and health in general. The olive oil is used in the Mediterranean diet and lowers the bad cholesterol. Romans and Greeks called it GOLD and used it in everything. Lemon is the super fruit full of vitamin C.

The ingredients used stop many illnesses and prevent them even. Use virgin oil and organic lemons. The virgin oil is not processed and healthier and organic lemons have all the vitamins inside.

This mix helps with:

  1. Constipation- this will make digestion great and also activate the gallbladder and liver. It is antioxidant in effect and toxin removal too.
  2. Heart issues- the olive oil has healthy fat acids and improves blood flow. Also reduces the bad cholesterol and stops heart issues further more.
  3. Rheum problems- since the mix is anti inflammatory it removes joint pains.
  4. Liver and gallbladder balance- sipping this while hungry stops gallstones to form. Take it hour before a morning meal and detoxify the organs, kidneys and liver mostly.

Source and image source: healthylifevision.com