Amazing Benefits Of Aloe Vera. Never Spend Money On Chemicals And Meds Again!

The aloe vera is easy to grow at your own yard and home too. It just needs watering and some fertilization not too often.  You can benefit a lot from these plants in the house, since it can use as a medicine. Open one leaf and get the gel of it.

In many health stores you can get this gel, but it also has chemicals and it is expensive. The one from home is natural and cheaper. Opt for the biggest leaves to get more gel.

These are the 9 benefits of the gel for topical use:

  1. Less acne and eczema
  2. Soothing burns
  3. Calming boils/rash
  4. No itch after bug bites
  5. Moisture of skin
  6. Less wrinkles
  7. Healing wounds
  8. Conditioning hair
  9. Shaving gel use

The 9 benefits of ingesting orally the gel of Aloe:

  1. Better immunity
  2. Stable blood sugar
  3. Less bloating/constipation/IBS, colitis and upset belly
  4. Less heartburn and indigestion
  5. Healthy gums
  6. Better heart and blood flow
  7. Less arthritis inflammations
  8. Healthier urinary tract
  9. Boosted white blood cells

This plant originates from Northern Africa and the first proofs of medicine uses were from ancient Egypt papyrus or ebers, and they had 12 recipes for medicine use of the aloe. Since then, this plant is used worldwide for any health issue, topical and internal too.

Avoid the chemicals and pharmacy products and try the amazing natural Aloe!

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