Aloe Vera And The Immortality, According To The Egyptians

The best way to get health and feel good in a household is to have the aloe vera plant.

This plant is not just for décor, it is also a cure too and lately many Americans think it is popular to have it in the home.

But also, it is known as Aloe Barbadensis and it has been known to be an amazing plant for many centuries back.

In the ancient Egypt culture, Greek and Roman too, it was even thought to be a sacred plant. And in latin America, Caribbean and South Africa is also used as a best cure there is.

In the USA, some reports of the 18th and 19th century claim it has been an amazing plant to use, according to the Maryland University. Today, it is still in the higher places of the herb cures’ lists.

What benefits you get of Aloe?

This is a DIY house remedy cure for ulcer and colitis, mouth issues, osteoarthritis, fevers, asthma and in general as tonic usage. It is even used a lot for beauty cosmetics making.

The best uses are for burns, cuts, injuries, and some infections that Aloe vera gel resolves. This is due to its analgesic effects and stopping the itching.

The aloe boosts the immunity and it is because it has lycoproteins and polysaccharides. It blocks the pain and lessens the inflammation since these 2 compounds above repair the skin and give it moisture.

So, the aloe heals the burns much better than regular meds and creams  in the fastest possible time and also, reduces PAIN!

With aloe, you can soothe and remove constipation, psoriasis, genital herpes, seborrheic dermatitis, canker sores, cancer, respiratory infections in the upper tract, dental issues, IBD, cholesterol and also high blood sugar. But, it shows good results in healing diabetes 2.

You just need:

  • Filet knife
  • Cutting board
  • Plate
  • Cotton towel
  • Glass jar
  • Lemon juice
  • Food processor


Avoid contaminating the gel and wash the hands first. Then, from the plant bottom pick the thick juice leaf. It has to be 4-6 inch long and cut it. Clean the knife and wash and dry this leaf. Then you can drain the yellow juice off it to sit on the plate but only on 45 degree angle. Be careful, this juice can be a strong laxative!

Put the leaf now on the board and remove the edges after 15 minutes.

To remove the green thin layer, gently use the knife and keep as much gel as you can. Repeat if needed.

Cut the gel in cubical forms and put in a jar. To get even more remaining gel, repeat gently this process.

To make this last even longer, add the lemon juice on the gel and you need tops half a lemon for this, even less. Shake evenly and stir.

To make it smoother like a thick gel, put in a blender and mix.

Store in a jar and refrigerate for a week.

*If you use as cure for medicine use, talk with a doctor or health expert and take only 30 ml daily.

*For topical uses: few times daily until the problem is gone and the leaf has to be cut lengthwise and rubbed directly on the skin.

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