Science Has Claimed The Perfect Female Look And Body

Of course, every woman wants to look perfect, but not every body is the same. We all make changes to improve ourselves or modify our bodies in some way.

The science clarified some things, and they described the average perfect female body.

When we grow up we meet many standards about beauty and we think differently. The fashion wants skinny and not so appealing curvy bodies. But those poor models are starving and not everyone can eat as much as them or look like them.

Still, we oppose this starving and other types of definitions. Fashion people will keep on doing their jobs and we will not interfere. The University of Texas has given the results about the perfect female body. It is a woman of 1.68 m, 99-63-91 (bust-weight-hip) and the perfect example for this is Kelly Brook. This English model has these measurements and she looks perfect, not starving by far, not chubby, but healthy, nice and fertile. That is why men like her, her figure means fertility and attractiveness besides health.

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