Guava Leaves Are Really Healthy And Prevent Hair Loss – They Even Make Hair Stronger

It is not uncommon for many of us to suffer from hair issues like hair loss. Males or females, regardless.  It is not easily cured as many think, money and meds are sometimes not enough. So now we present a new hair cure – guava leaves.

The guava leaf is natural and effective for this problem and even the Dengue fever which is a common issue.

Some experts even say that this leaf can re-grow hair again and stronger than before, due to the vitamin B really vital for the hair follicle.

Usage and benefits:

Get the leaves and boil them maximum of 20 minutes. Then let that cool and put on the scalp with a massage. After few hours rinse it off.

For even better effect, do it before bedtime and treat the hair overnight while you sleep.

This cure is amazing and you will see proof since the hair will be nourished, stronger and with a healthy root.

Never waste your money again on expensive meds and doctor’s meetings – try this!

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