Remove Dandruff Easily With 8 Natural Cures

The dandruff on the hair is caused by dry scalp and this is called seborrheic dermatitis. Also, psoriasis and eczema can be causes for this but rarely. Sometimes a cause can even be the fungus named malassezia.

How to remove dandruff?

You have many remedies out there provided in pharmacies and markets; shampoos with zinc pyrithione, coal tar, ketoconazole, and selenium sulfide but not all are effective. Some may treat the problem, and others can soothe the scalp. But, they all have chemicals. Try these natural cures instead:

1. ACV


Sounds strange but the ACV is good for the scalp. The dandruff appears due to dead skin cells on the dry scalp. They can even get irritated. So, the ACV removes those dead cells and frees up the clogged pores. Also, the ACV is antifungal and removes dandruff fungi. The smell lingers on the hair, so do not use this shampoo before meeting people. After washing the hair the next time, this smell is gone. Get ½ cup ACV and same amount warm water. Mix them and put on the hair. Massage the scalp several minutes and rinse with water. For the smell removal, wait 8-12 hours before you wash the hair with shampoo. Do this once a week or 2 weeks.

2. Baking soda


This ingredient is a good cure for dandruff, among other issues. It is also an exfoliator for the skin so removes dead cells. It also removes fungi and flakes on the scalp.

Mix 1 tbsp baking soda and 1 cup water. Put this in a clean bottle or shampoo bottle and shake up. Apply on the scalp and do not wash after this -this is the shampoo.

It has no smell, like the ACV above. It will feel dry at first but with time it will make the hair pH balanced.

Still, if you really need a shampoo, get 1 tsp baking soda in handful shampoo and use this. But still, only the soda is better. For a good smell, try adding rosemary oil.

3. Olive oil

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For removing dandruff this way you just need 10 drops on the scalp of this oil. Get a shower cap over it and go to sleep. In the morning wash regularly. Also, opt for shampoos with olive oil in them to resolve this problem faster. This oil moisturizes and removes dryness. Or, heat up some olive oil and massage on the scalp. After half an hour wash with shampoo. Do this few times per week.

4. Lemon


Mix some lemon juice and coconut oil with ratio1:5. Put on the scalp and after 30 min wash it. Use a mild shampoo only! Lemon helps with this since it is acidic and helps with the pH issues on the scalp. Also, it is antifungal and a natural bleach. Still, it doesn’t bleach the hair white as you think. Another way of using lemon is with massage on the scalp, just get 2 tbsp lemon juice and after that rinse off. Get 1 tbsp lemon juice in 1 cup of water. With this, rinse the hair for the second time. Dandruff will be gone.

5. Tea tree oil


This oil is antifungal and kills the bacteria and fungi. Few drops of this in the shampoo is a miracle. Ratio is one drop oil for 1 oz shampoo. Or, mix this oil with olive oil and coconut oil. After 1 hour, wash off. Or leave it overnight and wash off. Do it 2 times weekly.

6. Fenugreek


This is an Indian spice from the Fenugreek plant and these seeds help the scalp. They have aminos and proteins that make hair strong and shiny. Also, it has an emollient called lecithin that makes hair stronger than before.

For dandruff use, get 2 tbsp of these seeds and water. Soak them in the bowl of water and leave for the night to sit off. In the morning, make a paste of them. That paste is put on the scalp for 45 min tops and rinsed off with gentle mild shampoo after that.

7. Pepper and yogurt

Bowl with yoghurt

Bowl with yoghurt

Mix 2 tsps black pepper and 1 tsp yoghurt. Massage the scalp with this, nice and gentle and after 60 min wash the hair. The pepper removes the dead cells and flakes and is antifungal too. The yoghurt soothes inflammation and skin is less irritated.

8. Indian Lilac


This is an antifungal herb and antibacterial too. It solves many hair problems, not just dandruff. Just boil neem leaves in 4 cups water. Remove this mix from the heat and let it cool. Then strain it and rinse the hair with it. Do it 3 times weekly.

*More tips: if you still dislike any of these recipes for DIY dandruff removal, switch the shampoo every month. Or wash the hair with antidandruff shampoos once in a while, but change them often.

Also, lather two times and the second shampooing could stay for a few minutes before rinsing. Lastly, more shampoo doesn’t mean more dandruff as people think. The scrub itself removes dirt off the scalp.

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