Why Are Sick People In Hospitals Given Gelatin?

This is indeed a really big question. Why some patients are given gelatin?

The jello is a clear liquid and a food that is easily digested just like tea, water, juice and broth.  So , many patients are given this since they cannot eat anything else. They need calories, but only from foods that are light on the belly, so the jello is perfect for this. It has calories and sugars too. Everyone that recovers from illnesses, has to eat such an easy on the belly food, like the jello.

Another reason for jello for patients is because the hospital staff makes a lot of jello, so the leftovers have to be used. The gelatin makes production of gastric acids increase and makes the belly lining healthier and this means healthier digestive work and system. Why is this important? Since bad gut health and not enough stomach acids can worsen up, besides these are the most common belly poblems.

To add, gelatin makes the bowels regular and healthier and absorbs water so all the digestive fluids are not lost.

Benefits of eating jello:

  1. It has proteins and this is one way to include a protein in the diet regime. In 1 tbsp gelatin you get 6 g protein.
  2. Gelatin goes to water directly, so the food glides easily in the belly and digestion is better
  3. To add gelatin regularly in the diet, keeps the belly walls healthy, reduces intolerance to some foods and stops allergies.
  4. It also has amino acids that stop damage to joint cartilages, so it also keeps bones and tissues healthy.
  5. Removes toxins of the body as glycine the amino acid cleanses the liver off toxins.
  6. It also has keratin, a great protein crucial for the nails, hair, skin and teeth.
  7. Skin is more elastic from gelatin. Sat it regularly and look rejuvenated, as if you used lotions with collagen.
  8. With jello, wounds can heal faster and better. Again, the glycine acts here and kills the inflammation.
  9. A recent study claimed that gelatin makes you have good sleep. The study participants said they had better brain work and less fatigue during the day.
  10. With gelatin you can lose weight – the healthy way! Experts state that metabolism is boosted and Human Growth Hormone is produced more.

Recipe for DIY tasty jelly:

You need:

  • Green tea, 1 cup
  • Stevia or honey
  • Orange juice, 1 cup
  • 3 tbsp gelatin, no flavor
  • 1 cup grape juice/or strawberry juice


Cook the tea and add the stevia. Add the gelatin and mix until dissolved. Remove from heat and after cooling off add the juice. Put this mix in a container and refrigerate it minimum of 3 hours.

Source and image source: healthylifevision.com