If You Have Blood Type 0 Read This – It Might Save Your Life!

Those that have this blood type an donate to every group blood (this group can help everyone), but for themselves they only take their own blood group.

But other things make them different from the rest. They get diseases more easily, but have unique traits too.

They are good leaders, active a lot and have more energy than the rest, also they are highly productive too.

But also, they get more ulcers, thyroid problems, low thyroid hormones and lack iodine. All these things can make these people gain weight more and have water retention.

In Japan this blood type is linked to some personality let’s say. They ask about the blood type even in job interviews! Those with type 0 are considered responsible, organized, dedicated, focused and practical and also more logical than others. The reason for this belief is that their family ancestors were hunters and survived in nature.

Impulsive and hyperactive

Under stress they get angry and impulsive a lot. They get even weaker with bad diet regimes, no workouts and unhealthy lifestyle. Then they get metabolic issues and insulin resistance, also slower thyroid and thickness in the glands.

Also, they get more belly acids than others and their gut is really sensitive for ulcers and other issues.

So, those people with type 0 group must avoid alcohol and coffee. The latter makes them more stressed, which they already struggle with.

Also, they need to workout at least 3-4 times per week.

Source and image source: healthadvisorgroup.com