The Birthday Order Determines Personality

Regardless of being the youngest, middle or oldest child, the birthday order has a great impact on the personality developing.

Every parent can make a difference between personalities of their children. Judging by looks, passion, habits, favorite foods etc.

Every child develops differently. So every parent has to adjust differently to each child.

Some experts noticed something interesting about kids born first or last let’s say. To add to this, if the age gap is big between kids, some can take on the role of first born, but never last or middle.

Also, adopted kids adjust to their role in the new family as expected. You may wonder why your sister/brother wants nature walks or thinks differently?

Also, how many kids in your relatives and family are too loud or bossy? Don’t worry, this is all normal. So now you see the order of birth is normal. First born kids are always thriving to be perfect and they are raised in such a way by their parents, so they develop good communication skills with the adults. But, the bad thing is they are expected to do much more and give more efforts, thus they are more anxious and need more controlling over things.

Still, they achieve a lot and are competitive, great workers and achieve great results.

Their traits are: cautious, leaders, perfectionists, reliable, bossy, motivated, achievers, motivated, responsible at all times, cautious, and controlling.

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