A Shampoo Of Baking Soda That Makes Hair Grow Amazingly Well

The baking soda is usually used for cooking and beauty regimes, but also for hair. It improves the hair quality and instead of conditioner, this will make it even shinier.

This is more beneficial for the hair than regular cosmetics. Avoid the market products full of chemicals and try this soda cure for the hair.

You need for the shampoo recipe these things:

First, get and mix 1 part baking soda and 3 parts water in a small bottle. Then put the shampoo on wet or semi wet hair. Massage the scalp and after 3 minutes rinse. If something still remains, use warm water to wash off. Then after this put some vinegar on the hair made from 1 art vinegar and 4 parts water. Add few drops lavender, mint or rosemary oil to this to hide the sour smell. Lay back, close the eyes and rinse the whole head.

You might notice it is going to be hard at first to wash the hair with no foam and chemicals, but with time you will see how amazingly clean and pretty the hair is.

Source and image source: thehealthguide.org