In The Stem Of Plants, Add 1 Tablespoon Of THIS MIX And Be Surprised

The cinnamon is tasty and a great spice for many purposes. Surprisingly, plants love it!

We all have written bout cinnamon being healthy and for recipes too, but this is unique. Both house plants and yard plants love this spice and it makes them even healthier.

We have 6 uses for the plants here.

  1. Seeds- just like turtles break their shells, and fall, and struggle for their life as predators try to get to them to eat them, it is the same with fragile unprotected seeds. Birds and sharks do not go for seeds, but diseases or insects do. It is a term called “dampening off” when a disease gets to a plant or its root seeds. It is caused by fungi or bad soil areas. Cinnamon resolves fungi fast and you can dust the soil with it. That way you keep the plant safe.
  2. Wild mushroom- this veggie dislikes the spice big time! Don’t pick them anymore off the ground. With cinnamon on the soil, there won’t be any mushrooms.
  3. Root hormone- this hormone makes roots healthy and growing. If you want chemicals of the household gone, just put this spice on the stem when you want to cut the plant.
  4. Anti-ants- ants also hate the cinnamon. Put some in the garden to remove ants and keep them far. And for ants in the house, put it in corners and kitchen counters.
  5. Wound in plants- if plants are wounded or cut, dust the wound with this spice and prevent further damage.
  6. Plants in the house- the indoor plants need just as much care as the outdoor ones. Cinnamon removes mold or mildew and if it is in the soil, the plant will flourish even more. Also cinnamon removes gnats far away.

You see that this spice has many uses for plants and gardening. No more chemicals!

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