How To Cleanse Sinuses Using Fingers. DIY, Safe And Effective

The blockage in sinuses is common with many people. A lot of causes do this like allergies, flu and cold or weather changes. Most people buy meds, but other ways are much more effective. With no drugs you can even get better results that are chemical free and relieve the nose, head, sinuses and ears. Read more below.

1. Use tongue and pressure between eyebrows

This means removing extra mucus that blocks the sinuses. Just use acupressure. Apply the pressure on some points on the body and stimulate better fluid flow to clear the nose and breathe better.

This next method means pushing tongue opposite the mouth roof and at the same time press with finger between the eyebrows for 20 seconds. If you feel tingly in the throat means the mucus softens up when you release the finger.

Also, switch between tongue pressure and eyebrow pressing.

2. Eyebrow pressure across

If the sinus in the forehead is blocked, try another press point for the upper nose/sinus. The massage expert, Amber Lynn Vitale says to stimulate mucus flow by applying this pressure. Start with fingers in each eyebrow, near the center point in middle. Lean the head forward and rest on the elbows. After you feel pressure while shifting for a second, slide fingers to middle part.

Hold until relieved. Keep on finger moving to each brow. Have either a good pressure or move in circles to soften and flow the mucus down the forehead. You might feel center head pressure, but soon it will be gone.

3. Mini-massage

These benefits re great. A massage makes better blood flow, improves it and brings oxygen to every cell. Heather Wibbles, a massage expert says with simple rubs you can reduce this fluid.

Press the notch of collarbone with the fingertips and make sure the fluid feels going down. Try clearing the throat and also as pressure goes down, try to open up the ears in a way.

If it feels like discomfort, try something else.

Cross the hands like a V and pump on the neck sides so that the fluid moves. This and the fingers motions activate the lymph system and buildup is drained down.

4. Keep motion in sinuses

Once you try these ways of relief, sinuses will no longer be blocked. And chemical-free is the way. With pressure on such spots and tongue use too, you remove this discomfort for a while.

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