Regardless Of You Being Married Or Not – Read This Anyway

When I arrived at my house and my wife had dinner served, I took her hand and said we needed to talk. She sat down and ate in silence. I saw the pain in her.

And then I wasn’t sure if I should talk at all. Still, she needed to know what I had to say. That I want a divorce. I started relaxed to talk. She was not nervous at all, but she calmly just asked, why?

I pretended I didn’t hear. She got mad. The chopsticks flew way from her hand and she shouted that I am not a man! We stopped talking. She wept. She was curious about what gave us this problem. I couldn’t answer, I loved Jane more I didn’t love my wife, I felt pity for her!

Feeling really guilty, I made an example of a divorce document that claimed she could own the house, the car and 30% of my firm. She saw it and ripped it. My wife of over 10 years was now just a stranger. I felt bad since she wasted her time with me and energy too, but I loved Jane more. Then she broke in tears and I expected that. Her cry was a release I think. I thought about divorce many times per week but this was for sure clear now.

The next day I got home late and she was writing on the table. I had no dinner and went to sleep and fell asleep right away since I was tired from the evening with Jane. After waking up, she was still there, writing. I got gain back to sleep. In the morning she gave her conditions for the divorce; that she refused anything from me, but just needed to know a month in advance before we divorced. And during that month we should try and live like civilized roommates. She was simple, our sons had tests at school and she wanted to leave him undisturbed for that month only.

This sounded reasonable. But, she added something else too, to recall how I took her to a bridal room on the wedding. Every day she would mention that for a whole month and also for me to take her out the bedroom every morning! She sounded crazy and wanted to make the last weeks and days more hellish with this wish.

I told Jane about the divorce wishes from me. She smiled and said it is funny and absurd. She had to accept the divorce no matter the tricks – Jane said about the wife.

Since the divorce, me and my wife had no physical contact, as to my wish. After the carrying out on the first day we were clumsy. Our son gave applause seeing us. His words gave us both pin and I carried; from the bedroom, living room, the door and then 10 meters just her in my arms. She had eyes closed and said gently not to tell the son anything. I agreed with a nod but I was nervous. I set her down by the door. She waited for bus to get to work and I drove to the office.

The next 2nd day, we were both more relaxed. She even leaned on me. I felt her perfume. I was stunned since I didn’t notice this woman enough these years. She was not young like before, she had wrinkles and grayish hair. Our marriage tired her. I thought of what I did to her in this marriage.

The fourth day, I lifted her and felt some intimacy! This was the woman that was with me for 10 years. On days 5 and 6, I saw our intimacy better and better! I never told Jane! I was even feeling good carrying her every day, it improved me.

She picked clothes every day, even tried various dresses, but never a suitable one. She sighed and said all dresses were too big. I saw she lost so much weight and this is why I could carry her so easy.

Then it came over me…she had pain hidden in her and bitter heart. Not consciously, I reached for her hand.

Our sun barged in and said to me to carry his mom. For him, this was the best part in his life ever. My wife called the son closer and hugged him. I looked away since I could have changed my mind! I took her in my arms and walked her to the bedroom, living room, hallway. Her hand was on my neck, naturally and gently. Just like our wedding!

Her less weight made me sad a lot because on the last day while carrying her, I had heavy feet. The son was at school. I held her and said I neglected our intimacy. Then I went to work and got out of the car like crazy I didn’t want to go through with this on the last day! I got upstairs and Jane saw me…I sad to her I am sorry, I will not get a divorce.

She was stunned and touched me jokingly, if I had fever she asked. I said sorry again. I realized my marriage was not boring, it just had all details neglected instead of valued, and we still had love, both of us. That same carrying on daily basis made me want to hold her until the day we die. At the flower shop back home, I go a whole bouquet and the salesgirl asked what to write on the card. I said, “I will carry you every morning until death separates us”.

That night I got home with the flowers and smiling, started to run on the stairs to see y wife DEAD ON THE BED. She was struggling with cancer months before this and I never saw it because I was with Jane! She knew about the soon death and never told us to keep us happy in case we got the divorce. At least the son still thinks I was a good husband.

All the details are the biggest things in your relationship with anyone. Not the houses, money, cars. These are just luxuries for the eye and not the heart.

So get time

GET TIME to be a good partner, spouse and do little caring things daily! Have a happy relationship or marriage.

Not sharing this is not bad luck. But sharing it, means you might open someone’s eyes. Many are still blind and miss the little things…

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