This Oil Is Much Worse Than White Sugar – Stay Away From It

Many people still think this oil is good for the health and we can add it to many meals, but experts say that this is really wrong. Soy is the thing commercialized a lot these days and added to many foods, but this is real danger. It is worse than sugar.

The soybean oil leads to many complications in the health. This oil and other things come from soybeans. The manufacturers avoid this truth and never tell anyone that soybean IS TOXIC by far! In fact, to make them tasty for eating and cooking, manufacturers use special treatments.

To addo, we the people that eat this and in big portions, make the body have more steroid matter (male hormones) and increase chances of Alzheimer’s and early puberty. Also male teenagers grow slower and postponed.

Even worse is that these producers of soybean use GMO, OF COURSE.

Even with this fact, there is a great presence of soybean in unimaginable “safe” foods and we cannot obviously avoid them.

To make things even trickier, soy milk that is promoted as good for both adults and kids is considered a replacement for infants’ milk!

These producers need their business and won’t tell you this thing we did, so just share this article and LOOK FOR good labels on products.

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