You Never Knew That A/C In The Car After Starting It Is A Danger!

When you get in the car and start the engine, you already are in danger.

If you leave the car parked out, you close the windows of course. But, even in the shade, it can accumulate 400-800 mg benzene.

When it is parked in the sun at higher temperature than 16 degrees, the benzene level can reach even 2000-4000 mg that is 40 times more than normal allowed usually.

If you are inside and the windows are closed, you inhale it anyway and the liver gets the toxins, bones and kidneys too. It is hard to detox from this.

The manuals of cars recommend before using the A/C we must open the windows, but it is uncertain why, except for good car performance.

Medical experts explain:

The research results show that before air is cooled, the conditioner removes the heated air outside. And it ejects benzene – THIS CAUSES CANCER.

Due to this.. When you get in the car, even if there is no smell of plastic warmed up, open windows. After a few minutes turn on the A/C when you start the engine. And leave the windows a bit open for a few minutes more.

Also, keep on practicing this all the time to keep yourself healthy unless you want long term consequences.

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