Have You Known That With A Potato You Can Generate Light In A Room For 30 Days? Video Included

Experts have unveiled how potatoes when cooked only 8 minutes can make a battery with more power than a raw one – up by 10 times more!

A professor of science and agriculture, Haim Rabinovitch and his colleagues discovered that with units of potato slices quarters, placed between copper cathode and zinc anode, linked with a wire, light up a room with LED lightings for up to 40 days, believe it or not!

This veggie makes electricity for even personal gadgets for just 1/10 of a cost for regular AA batteries.

Imagine all the things possible with this amazing discovery, even for people in undeveloped regions worldwide.

The potatoes are chosen since they grow everywhere and easily, even in tropical and subtropical climate regions, as Rabinovitch said.

It is the most massively found crop in the world

The potato is not an energy source. But it helps to transfer electricity as it acts like a link between all metal kinds. And it makes it possible for electrons to be in motion in the wire and thus make electricity.

This veggie was the winner for this experiment since it is starchy and this enhances storage for months even with no insects around.

Source and image source: tdhealthyfood.com