See These Early Signs That Relate To Diabetes, But Are Ignored!

The diabetes type 2 is common especially in modern times. It shows signs that we overlook sadly and even 1 of 3 people might ignore them and have this problem.

This disease is serious and grave and goes with many complications along; heart problems, neurological problems and these can wreak havoc.

A good diet, good workout habits and meds are needed to have it under control and the patient can have a good life from then on in the future.

Here are the precautions and signs that can help you be safe from now on:

Warning signs:

Even more than 382 million worldwide in 2013 had this disease and 90% of them had the dangerous diabetes 2. Sadly, this is a metabolic problem and shows itself through enormously high sugar levels in the blood.

The production of insulin in the pancreas and its hormones balances the glucose in blood but it can be reduced or otherwise the cells do not respond if it is not. Since that happens, this also happens:

Frequent urinating (polyuria)

Going to the bathroom more than it is normal during the day or night. Means kidneys overwork to remove extra glucose.

Abnormal thirst (polydipsia)

Losing more fluids means the body wants more fluids of course and you drink more often too.

More hunger (polyphagia)

Need for more eating due to lows and highs in the blood sugar. Cells lack glucose and we crave sweets or other foods more and more.

Dryness of mouth

Unpleasant and a great danger. This gets more bacteria and makes oral problems in the mouth, and also gums are affected by it.

Strange weight loss/gain

If the insulin is not bringing glucose to cells, the body is starving and uses up the muscles for protein and energy. If you lose more than 20 lbs in a month or few, it is serious and must be checked. Also, sugary foods elevate sugar levels besides weight.


Strange tired feeling even after resting is lack of glucose in our bodies. Also interrupted sleep in the night for urinating is just as bad. This goes along bad mood too.

Problems in vision

If the sugar is high it affects the eyes a lot! You will see blurry and distorted and with flashy lights. If this persists with the sugar, the eyes get damaged permanently and even leads to eyesight losing.


High sugar levels cause hyperglycemia and known as high blood glucose. This causes migraines and headaches.

Cuts slowly healing, bruises infections

This is due to blood vessel damages and signs of diabetes. If too much sugar is in the system, the veins and arteries have slower blood flow to places of need like injuries.

Yeasts problems

In sugary areas, bacteria live perfectly and fungi too; so yeast infections are even more common this way. This goes especially for candida and vaginal bacteria.

Tingly hands and numb feet

This is due to neuropathy or nerve damage due to diabetes. Burning and swelling feeling goes together with numbness and tingling. If the sugar still is high, damages remain unsolvable and permanent.

Skin changes

Groin, neck and armpits get smooth dark skin known as achantosis nigricans. Other than that there is itchiness and skin changes on the groin or vaginal areas.

Sexual problems

Many of them are due to diabetes since it damages blood vessels and nerves up to the intimate organs too. Men have problems with erections and women with dryness. 35-75% of men have problems due to diabetes up to the stage of impotence.

If you notice some of these, see a doctor and do blood checks.