This Cure Removes Skin Tags And Warts. No Pain, Cheap And DIY!

The skin tags and warts do not look good, and annoy you too. They can appear anywhere and mostly on sweating areas.

They are harmless, but if they get irritated they can even release blood. It is more aesthetic issue than a health one and more with women who try every method.

The tags are just like warts and on areas where skin overlaps in folds and sweats. This means; armpits, neck, face. Again, it is not dangerous, just looks unpleasant.

The apple cider vinegar or ACV is used for these issues since it is antiviral, antibacterial and removes fungi too. Also for warts – it is miraculous.

Why is ACV so healthy?

Put few drops ACV on cotton or band aid and place on the wart. Clean the skin before this.

Always get a new band aid or cotton for each next time. After few days, 5 maybe, you see good results. If still there is nothing, repeat again.

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